Pakistani Designers Groom Sherwani Designs 2016 for Wedding


Many designers launch their best sherwanis every year. These sherwanis designs are in traditional as well as in modern designs. In older time sherwani dress is only associated with particular society. But now trends have been changed. Before selecting sherwani always chose that colors which suits your personality.

In modern era men wedding dress is just as important as it is for women. Wedding days are very important for everyone. Everyone wants perfect dress for their wedding. In older times guys don’t pay attention on their wedding dress. But now a day’s guys take these decisions consciously. This dress decisions made more easily and less time consuming just because of Pakistani fashion designers.

Whatever the dress you want to wear either unique or something traditional you can chose it from the vast variety of designers. In Pakistan many brands offer vast variety of sherwani. Some of the top brands are HSY, Bunto Kazmi, Fawad Hussain. They all are popular for groom wedding dresses.

Mostly black sherwani is getting quiet a lot famous. Because black sherwanis are decorated with different types of embroidery on cufflinks which is very eye catching and stone work is done on cufflinks. There are many colors which boys wants to wear these includes brown, grey, white, maroon and many others. All Pakistani designers help a lot in choosing colors for designers groom sherwani designs.

Suggestions given by designers:

1.  Now a days white sherwanis are demanding fashion. Designers suggest that white sherwanis should be paired with the fitted trousers and churidar pajama. White sherwanis are decorated with stone. Mostly this type work is done on neckline, sleeves and cufflinks.

2.  Designers suggest that boys should wear sherwanis for walima, mehndi or reception with unique embroidery such as dabka, gota, and threads.

3.  Arslan Iqbal has launched his collection of sherwani designs for boys. These sherwanis includes bright colors such as black brown and off white.

4.  HSY a most popular designer designed a wonderful sherwani which includes self colored beads, sequins and embroidery on cuffs and collar and this sherwani include churridar or trousers.

5.  Designers suggest that with maroon sherwani groom can wear kurta, salwar or churidar with matching shoes or khussa.

6.  Different types of fabric are used for making beautiful sherwanis. Jamawar fabrics are most popular among them. Mostly these fabrics are decorated with dabka, crystal stones and sequins with elegant churidar or trouser.

7.  Sherwanis can be made from raw silk fabric and this raw silk is decorated with knotted thread on neckline and cuffs.

8.  Designers suggest that with sherwanis groom can wear Patiala shalwar or choridar pajama which make groom more attractive.

9.  Junaid jamshed is one the well-known designer. This brand is working for wedding dresses. Junaid Jamshed launched attractive and stylish sherwanis with heavy embroidery in bright and dark colors like brown. White, maroon, golden and many more.

10.  Amir Adnan is also well known designer for his stylish and stunning work.

11.  Most people want to wear Mughal as well as Maharaja Sherwani and most wants simple work. So designers work hard for people choice. And made their wedding days more memorable.

12.  People mostly like these designers’ sherwanis in Pakistan Rizwan Moazzam, Daniyal men’s sherwanis, Asifa and Nabeel, Bunto Kazmi and Amir Adnan.

13.  Designers mostly suggest that in winter season groom can wear velvet sherwani. Especially black velvet with gota strips on sleeves. And this black velvet sherwani is complemented with churidar pajama in off white color.

Latest Designer Groom Sherwani Designs

Before buying sherwanis always chose popular brands that offer attractive and eye catching designs with beautiful embroidery on reasonable price.


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