Why Putting Coconut Oil in Your Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight?


I have always been struggling with my weight and all my efforts never turned out to be satisfying. This is mainly because I am a foodie and I have no control over what I eat. I think life is too short to diet so I better eat whatever I want and whenever I want. With my increasing weight, once I got little worried and I think of shedding some pounds. This made me join gym. But to my disappointment, I could only manage to gym regularly for 2 weeks, because I have classes in university and I have to manage my work timings as well so gym was definitely not a good idea. Then I started eating healthy and reducing the amount of crap from my food tables.

My simple policy was, ‘If it didn’t fall of the tree or didn’t grow in the ground, I am not interested to eat this’. This policy means I am highly interested in taking fruits and veggies. That was more like my aim, to eat and drink as healthy, as natural and as whole, as possible. My guilt and anxiety around the food was relaxed because I knew I’m eating all healthy and well and this is going to give me energy instead of FATS. So if I add little chocolate or dessert in it, it would be fine.

With this routine, I felt better and less anxious about food but my body didn’t changed, it was the same with more energy. But my aim was to SHED THOSE EXTRA POUNDS.

A year ago, I read about ‘Bulletproof’ coffee, I was pretty much curious so I started to get details about it. I was struggling with blood sugar problems as a result of taking this ‘Bulletproof’ coffee, the impact of caffeine in the coffee started to reduce and this had great effect over blood sugar levels. The concept was to drink coffee combined with butter and coconut oil.

I like creamy flavoured drinks like butter tea etc. so this concept didn’t disgust me either. In few months, since I’m taking this coffee, I didn’t check my weight but I can see the visible difference in my body. I can’t say that this coffee is changing my body but that’s the only new habit I have adopt these days that can cause smaller waistline.

This is just as simple as normal coffee you just have to add two ingredients, like this:

1. Brew a cup of low-toxin coffee.

2. Add 1-2 tbsps. of unsalted butter of ghee.

3. Add 1-2 tbsps. of coconut oil.

4. Mix it up and drink every morning and see your waistline shrinking in few weeks.


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