We Ranked All 10 Star Wars Films, Including ‘The Last Jedi’


Following the much awaited release of The Last Jedi last year, Lucasfilm has achieved a great deal of success after releasing the 10th and most anticipated Star Wars movie. Naturally, fans all over the world are overjoyed and excited beyond belief.

Reaching the 10 movies milestone is a significant achievement for Lucasfilm, and we’ve decided to celebrate this achievement with a very special tribute, a top 10 list, to help you choose between the best and worst Star Wars movies.

We are always opinion to all kinds of opinions and we will understand if you don’t agree with some of our placements because this article is written to encourage a conversation rather than taking the final stance. And of course, now that The Last Jedi has arrived, we will take great care to rate this iconic release without giving away any spoilers and revealing exactly how amazing it is.

Now, without further delays, let’s get started with the exciting roundup of the Star Wars movies ranked from the beginning till the end:

10. The Clone Wars (2008)

The Clone Wars was produced as the opening series of the episodes for Clone Wars, the popular series for Cartoon Network. Until George Lucas decided to make a confusing last-minute decision to release this rather unappealing production of content as a movie that tarnished the legacy of Star Wars. Reports reveal that the major merchandising licensees of Lucasfilm were not even informed beforehand, so one can safely assume that Lucas himself didn’t consider this film worthy of acclaim.

Even though the Clone Wars soared in popularity and went onto produce a highly successful string of five season, with rich animations and an engrossingly complex storyline. Needless to say, this prequel movie turned out to be the worst.

9. Attack of the Clones (2002)

Since this was a crucial chapter from the prequel trilogy, we all expected the Attack of the Clones to be the best part, however, despite all the engrossing political storyline and amazing plot twists at the end, it failed to deliver the meaty cinematic action we all crave from Star Wars.

So, what did it miss? Beginning with the fastly written script by Lucas, not to mention the last-minute preparations and hasty deadlines given to the cast and crew, it all turned out to be a sour package, especially when you’re trying to venture into a romantic genre, something Lucas has never done before. Even the dynamic pairing of Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen failed to make our hearts flutter for neither their chemistry nor the script struck anyone of us as being remotely romantic.

This movie turned out to be an utter disaster as reports suggest the Lucas didn’t seem to care much about the cast and spent the larger chunk of his time playing around with the idea of all-digital sequences and his new digital camera.


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