We Ranked All 10 Star Wars Films, Including ‘The Last Jedi’


6. The Force Awakens (2015)

The Force Awakens started off with a terrific start, probably the best moments from the Star Wars ever created, for the first hour had a gripping storyline. We all adored the engrossing scenes from Jakku junkyard, and the iconic introduction of Rey, not the mention the amazing story of stormtrooper Finn.

However, as soon as the second hour of the film began, our disappointment seemed to soar new heights, because right from the moment the Starkiller base was introduced, it felt as if the script had just fallen apart. If only they could have spared us one X-wing squadron attack, the story may have suffered less setbacks.

5. Rogue One (2016)

The very first spin-off on the Star Wars story seemed like a classic example of panicked, hurried and hasty re-editing. We strongly believe that the hero, Jyn Erso, could have been introduced more probably, not to mention the lack of beef in her dialogues during the opening scenes. And of course, an upshot could have done the final battle a huge favour.

However, we must admit that the storyline was extremely engrossing and captivating, and we finally got the chance to witness Star Wars in all its glory. The idea of eliminating all the heroes of the movie makes rewatching a worthy endeavor.

The spies who stole the Death Star plans may have gone forgotten in the galaxy far, far away; back here, we’ll never forget.


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