We Ranked All 10 Star Wars Films, Including ‘The Last Jedi’


2. Star Wars (1977)

The extraordinary storyline and powerful plot twists of the Star Wars original make it almost the best movie ever made. And while praising its success, we must all remember that Lucas started this overpowering phenomenon that was to amass a cult-following with the unbelievably small budget of $8 million, which was nothing compared to the standards of Hollywood back in the 70s.

As compared to the newer additions presented by Lucasfilm over the years, we all find more and more reasons to cling to the cinematic comfort and complex storyline of this powerful original.

1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

This may seem like a cliché, but it simply cannot be denied that Hollywood can never produce a film as perfect as The Empire Strikes Back. From the story to the visuals, sound and colours, it is absolute and utter perfection. We simply adore the colour palates that covered up the screen from Dagobah, Hoth and Cloud City.

Darth Vader, who was barely given 10 minutes in the original film, got the opportunity to own the screen for the very first time, and so engrossing were Yoda’s speeches on the Force that the world almost came to accept it as an actual religion. The storyline was beyond powerful, and we all must agree that Lucas simply didn’t get enough praise for this master piece. He created a sequel that turned out to be much more popular and magnificent than the original.

Lucasfilm was drowning in bankruptcy until the release of this iconic film, which single-handedly managed to revive the prospects of Lucasfilm. Truly, this was the film that revolutionized the future of the Star Wars franchise, and made it the popular cinematic giant we know today.


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