Simple and Easy Mehandi Designs 2016 for Hands


Mehndi is famous in different regions of world but most popular in Asian regions. The word “Mehndi” was derived from Mendikha. In ancient times, mehndi was used as a tradition or custom and was also considered to be the religious ritual. Mehndi is also known as henna and is common in Pakistan, India and some of western countries too.

Females, especially girls love mehndi or henna that is why some latest designs have been introduced. The concept of mehndi is famous in some western countries but is loved by the ladies living in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh etc. In old times, there were not too many mehndi designs and were put on hands in a simple way. But now days, mehndi lovers have introduced thousands and thousands of designs which are simply countless.

Some of the latest mehndi designs have been introduced which can be made on hands, feet or arms. Mehndi is considered to be the sign of joy, happiness and gracefulness. The designs should be made very clearly so that their meanings can remain same. All of the mehndi designs have some meanings in them. Some of them are especially designed for some religious events, some are for brides etc. The latest mehndi designs are specially made for girls of different age groups. The latest designs contains simple along with complex designs. In Asian regions, mehndi is applied on dholki, marriages, eids, parties, engagement ceremonies etc.

Indian & Arabic Mehndi Designs

The most famous and latest mehndi designs are considered to be Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. Such designs are made by adopting a thick pattern and filling is done. First of all the outline is drawn and then the inner filling is done for making Arabic mehndi designs. Such designs include flowers, leaves, lines, dots etc.

Recently, different kinds of mehndi designs have been introduced. Some of them are totally traditional ones but are unique. Such designs cover the entire finger tips and various motifs are designed in the palms. These designs can be drawn on both sides of hands and are unique ones. Along with traditional designs, there are some stylish and new but attractive mehndi designs being introduced by mehndi artists especially for brides. Such designs can be drawn by girls at home or have to go to the parlor or mehndi experts. It is important that mehndi designs should be drawn clearly and each flower or leave should be separate from the other one so that no mess can be created.

Some of the best designs include simple and straight henna designs which are easy to draw. These simple designs are best for the girls living in western areas because they prefer simple designs. In western regions, there are no such experts who can draw mehndi so it is good to follow the simple designs so that they can be drawn at homes.

Henna Designs for Feet

Some of the easy henna designs are specially introduced for feet. Feet is an important part of person’s body and are prominent too. Some of the designs are typically for feet fingers; other may cover the whole foot or ankle. It is also good option to use some glitter on mehndi or to wear a payal in foot to make the appearance more beautiful or attractive. Colorful beads, stones or metal can be used to enhance the beauty of mehndi design. These look so attractive and the design also become prominent one, thus catches the attraction of viewers. Colorful nail polishes can be used along with mehndi to increase the beauty of hand.



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