All the Very Strange Things from Day One of Milan Fashion Week


You know what is the best part about Milan week? Well, that’s the thing when a girl who can stand outside the show wearing dress made of feathers or wearing batman mask while she walked a navy of corresponding Afghan hounds. And no one cares about them.

Okay we can understand this better if you think yourself wearing Justin Bieber concert shirt and sweatpants while you catch your flight at JFK, and you feel like just nothing good to go when you grasp Reinaldo Herrera and Carolina standing next to your counter. And just after a day, you see yourself wearing Brunello Cucinelli cashmere and you make your way towards the Gucci show, between hairy dogs.

Gucci Cavalli LEAD at Milan Fashion Week 2017

One of the most amazing sight on the fashion week was the Italy’s hottest and innovatively creative director of fashion week, pinkish velvet seats, he ornamented the vast shelter in wall to wall coverings or rugs, and more than 250’000 plastic square palettes that droop like decorated curtains all over the room.

Gucci Spring 2017 Collection: Milan Men's Fashion Week

Than another stranger thing of the fashion week was Michele’s collection that tend to syndicate so many ideas and references like his summer vacations to L.A. where celebs have gone Ga-Ga for Gucci. In that collection, one outfit was over with ribbon belt around the waist and there was written a word we read as, ‘Cemetery’ and on the back side there was writer ‘Hollywood Forever’. This is strange, but when you know the reason behind this, then you can consider it cool too. This was a connection to the legendary stars resting in peace. And you can imagine that the super big fan of costume dresses, Michele, was dancing on the grave of Adrian, all night with Hari Nef and Jared Leto.

Gucci SS17 show report: Milan Fashion Week 2017
Pietro D’Aprano/Getty

Milan twists aren’t still over but it became more visible when while in an interview Ciara, who was wearing metallic caftan, said that one must always got to have a glam squad. I don’t know what that piece of advice mean because one of them was channelling the ghost of Talitha Getty, since that was the wonderful collection by Peter Dundas that appeared to be having fun with embroidered bell-bottoms and pastel velvets designs for both girls and boys. This might give you an idea about what you should be wearing at the flights, right?


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