How to Wear Lehenga Style Saree? Simple Steps with Pics


If you are having problem in properly styling the lehenga style saree than you don’t have to worry. Though it is seem difficult task for some women and usually you cannot style it properly without the help of any one.

There are some simple steps you just need to follow them accurately to wear the lehenga style saree in a decent manner. You can also check here latest Indian Sari Designs for women.

Step # 1: First of all wear the under skirt usually known as petticoat. Than just take a look at the lehenga style saree and hold the top inner edge of it. This will help you gripping the saree well which is a must thing to wear it properly. Than just firmly wrap the saree around the waist and tie the top edge on inner side. Just knot it quite firmly so it could not come out while styling.

Step # 2: Now wrap the saree from back side keeping in mind that the length and height must be equal and just tuck the top edge of the saree. Now just hold the pleats in the left side direction making sure to hold both top edge and right side firmly so it cannot be loosened.

Step # 3: Now make usual amount of pleats and in normal styling it can be up to 12 or not less than 7. Just take all the pleats adjusting their height so that the edge could settle firmly.

Step # 4: Then tuck all the pleats in the petticoat and you have to keep in mind that the fall of all the pleats must be in straight down direction. This step is important because it makes the shape of the saree well. You have choice of making pallav edge or simple style. Just take remaining fabric of the lehenga style saree to pass it over left side and pleat the pallav.

Step # 5: Drape the pallav in left shoulder to make it settle freely and make it firm with pins. Follow these steps to wear lehenga style saree in good manner.

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