13 Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair


We all want our hair to gorgeous and healthy without having to drench them with toxic chemicals and expensive hair treatments. The funny thing is, fancy shampoos and extravagant hair treatments that salons market with such force do very little to nurture your hair. If you really want a gorgeous and shiny mane of hair, turn to nature for it is the only aspect that can offer your hair true nurturing.

We have compiled a list of all-natural remedies that can really transform your hair, repair your brittle roots and nourish your dry hair to make them healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Here, take a look at these 13 all-natural remedies that you can try at home to fix your dried and brittle locks.

1. Try Sandalwood Oil

All you need is a little bit of sandalwood oil to fix your damaged hair, make them shiny and silky. Better yet, mix in sandalwood oil with jojoba and olive oil, and massage your hair, particularly the roots and the ends of your hair.

This mixture is an instant magic potion for silky sleekness, and softening brittle and frizzy hair. You can even take a few drops of sandalwood hand lotion, rub it between your palms and run your fingers through your hair to smooth away any flyaway strands.


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