The Best and Worst U.S. States for Your Health


Every person has right to know how healthy is your state. It is very important that where your home state landed on the map of the world. Actually most of the things are selected by the nature and some are chosen by you. The United Health Foundation has prepared a report in which U.S States are categorized according to the best to the worst state for health.

This organization exhibits health conditions for the last three decades in its annual America’s Health Ranking by comparing fifty States of U.S. This report is based on the basis of various real and dummy variables. Behavior patterns are also judged like smoking and drinking behavior in the people. Community and environmental relationship is discussed like people access to clean water and basic necessities, crime rate and people attitude regarding save nature and environment. Clinical care, government policies and number of premature deaths are also taken into consideration as the health outcomes.

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Research has revealed some good news but on the other hand alarming trends are also exposed. Almost 26 years ago the cardiovascular deaths went up in the starting but gradually this trend is decreasing. Smoking rate has shown a decline rate by 41 %. It is good news but on the other hand an alarming trend is also shown regarding obesity. National obesity rate is 157% greater as compared to the 1990s.

Below are 50 states of U.S. ranking from healthiest to unhealthiest state. Scroll down to see where your home state landed in the list.

1. Hawaii
2. Massachusetts
3. Connecticut
4. Minnesota
5. Vermont
6. New Hampshire
7. Washington
8. Utah
9. New Jersey
10. Colorado
11. North Dakota
12. Nebraska
13. New York
14. Rhode Island
15. Idaho
16. California
17. Iowa
18. Maryland
19. Virginia
20. Wisconsin
21. Oregon
22. Maine
23. Montana
24. South Dakota
25. Wyoming
26. Illinois
27. Kansas
28. Pennsylvania
29. Arizona
30. Alaska
31. Delaware
32. North Carolina
33. Texas
34. Michigan
35. Nevada
36. Florida
37. Missouri
38. New Mexico
39. Indiana
40. Ohio
41. Georgia
42. South Carolina
43. West Virginia
44. Tennessee
45. Kentucky
46. Oklahoma
47. Alabama
48. Arkansas
49. Louisiana
50. Mississippi


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