6 Types of Food That Are Making You Constipated


Is constipation bothering you more than it should? Here are the 6 food items you need to eliminate from your diet!

Constipation is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s so awfully painful and unpleasant, not only do you feel unable to eat, you also suffer from constant stomach ache and bloating. Recent statistics reveal that around 42 million people in the US have been affected by constipation. Now, when such a huge chunk of the population has contracted this medical ailment, we all need to take a moment and see if the cause of this ailment is in our diets.

A diet that is rich in fibers and provides sufficient hydration works to regulate the digestive system whereas a diet that doesn’t provide adequate amounts of fibers and water is ruled out as the factors that often lead to constipation. There are several foot items that can upset your bowels while others can help your digestive system. If you wish to find out which foods have the highest risk of making you constipated, we’ve compiled them all for you.

Scroll down and go through the 6 food items that you need to eliminate from your diet in order to put an end to the miseries of constipation.

1. Unripe Green Bananas

Bananas, when nice and ripe, are rich in potassium and fiber and then tend to help you fight away constipation. But if you’ve picked out green and unripe bananas, you put yourself at a great risk of contracting constipation. You see, green bananas contain high amounts of tannins and starch, which makes them bitter and leads to constipation. So, be very careful and only out the nice and yellow, ripened ones.


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