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Crockpot Lentil Vegetable Soup

The Best Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup

Let’s celebrate soup day together by making very delicious and very healthy Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup. This is not that typical tasteless detox soup but it has yummy ingredients and served with parmesan cheese...

13 Drugs That Can Make You Gain Weight

Pharmaceuticals and Fat According to a research in US, there are every 7 person out of 100 is overweight. The alarming situation is, those people use drugs to treat the problems caused by obesity like...

9 Tricks to Make Your Diet a Little More Mediterranean

Mediterranean diets are super amazing for brain function, heart health, longevity and mental well-being. To make your diet little more Mediterranean, you don’t have to move to the isles to earn the reward. Following...
Nothing says comfort better than flannel.

8 Comfy And Cozy DIYs For Your Home

Home is a place of rest and peace. When you enter in your home after spending a hectic day you do something like putting on the slippers, taking a cup of tea or snuggling...

10 Ways To Keep Your Liver Clean, Healthy, And Strong

Liver is one of the 10 most significant organs of the body, which is essential for overall body’s health and smooth and proper functioning of the organs. But do we know what the actual...
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The Best and Worst U.S. States for Your Health

Every person has right to know how healthy is your state. It is very important that where your home state landed on the map of the world. Actually most of the things are selected...
Coconut Oil Weight Loss

Why Putting Coconut Oil in Your Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight?

I have always been struggling with my weight and all my efforts never turned out to be satisfying. This is mainly because I am a foodie and I have no control over what I...
Drinking Lots of Water to Lose Weight

The Best Drink For Weight Loss

Weight loss is all about healthy, clean and careful eating and drinking. According to the research published in American health journal, people who drink different kinds of teas are more likely to have a...
Depression and Anxiety Treatment

19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Every person around this world is suffering from anxiety and it could be for any reason. Someone is worried, anxious or maybe freaked out. Someone might be upset because of work, health, money, family,...
9 Big Showering Mistakes

9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter

Showering in winters is quite a thing, even if you are using hot bath. You exfoliate, cleanse, shampoo and conditioning as you always do, but still there could be a lot of problems you...

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